Madonna University Female Students harassed by School’s Security men

We have received several reports about an alleged sexual harassment that happened to some female students in Madonna University.

According to an email we received from the students, they revealed to us that the School Authority decided not to provide lights to the school hostel as a punishment for the students for not going to the main campus, Elele.

The Email reads thus: “Yesterday night Madonna university okija refused to give light to the hostels as a punishment for the students not going to the main campus Elele.”

“At about 1:34am this morning some security men came into the girls hostel to harass the female students and it was led by the school cso Mr Okere.

“Girls who were sleeping naked were slapped and kicked. The girls were sleeping naked because of the heat in the hostel because the school in her wisdom refused to give light to the hostels.

“The men came to the hostels with hummers.out of shock two girls fainted and one of them jumped from the three floors of her hostel because she feared it rapist.

“The girl is seriously injured. This is a human rights matter and a crime against Womanhood.”

Another student also took to Facebook to write;

“Integrity in a ruler is the secret of well being in the followers. Edeh (2014)

“The unspeakable things that happened yesterday (especially with the female students and in their hostels at the dead of night) in a most unlikely place has left us confused and almost without any sense of direction.

“We are still asking questions and wondering how we got to this point of unreservedly brandishing thoughtlessness and glorying in the sufferings of unarmed and helpless persons who have been entrusted into our care.”

“The so called security officers in Madonna University, Okija, are for want of words, directionless touts and refurbished hoodlums. The evils that they perpetrated yesterday (not bringing to mind prior evils) should not be “published in the streets of Ashkelon, lest the daughters of the philistines rejoice.”

“Of particular note is the Chief Security Officer, Mr. Pius Chukwuma Okere, a retired army officer who does not know the differences between the male and female folks and their temperaments, a man who is filled with so much hatred for the female students of Madonna University; a man who treats women worse than he treats men, one is left to wonder if he was from a different planet that is characterised by an unending war of the sexes. The molestations that the female students have suffered at his hands can only be told in whispers, and yesterday’s was the height of it. [The details are not something that should be recounted.]”

“It may not be enough – surely it cannot be enough by way of a reprieve. But our good thoughts are with our dearest sisters.”

“It is one thing to profess that one is a “trailblazer,” “An institution with a difference,” and others of such endearments that our beloved institution is known for; and it is quite a different thing to be seen doing the opposite.”

“A lot of abuses of students rights have been happening and no one dares speak up. Not when there are ‘Big Brother Laws’ that may/can use whatever you say against you and have you “excommunicated” with just a snap of the fingers.”

“Sometimes those who would dare speak up see it as a waste of precious time and energy, and as an instance of puting oneself in the line of fire. But assuredly, when a student fails, he does not fail alone… He fails with all those who failed to do their duties.”

According to what we know, this isn’t the first time a case of sexual harassment or assault by the school’s security will happen.

According to a source who spoke exclusively to YabaLeftOnline… the source revealed to us that a female student who was celebrating her final paper in 2016 got suspended after she was brutally assaulted by a security personnel.

Apparently the school warned the final year students not to celebrate whatsoever, but they never listened.

During their celebration & jubilation the school security came to their hostel, things escalated, and a security guy broke a bottle on the female student’s head.

According to the source, the girl got suspended and the security guy got sacked. She just had her project defense left!


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